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Leona F. Brown Canadian Artist


Leona Brown was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Leona has taught internationally in the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Greece, Italy, France and Spain.  In 1998 she lived and painted in China for four months.


Her paintings can be found in both private and corporate collections.  Leona paints from the soul and finds that it is the process of painting that is important to her whether it be representational or abstract.


Leona had previously taught in the River East School Division (Winnipeg, Canada) for six years prior to moving to Montréal, Québec.  Her formal education was at the University of Manitoba where she obtained her Faculty of Education Degree and Human Ecology Degree.  At the University of Saskatchewan she augmented her art education with History of Art and Art Appreciation.


Principally self-taught in watercolour painting techniques, Leona has extended her learning by taking professional courses from well known artists such as Robert Sinclair, Jack Reid, Christopher Schink, Skip Lawrence, Maxine Masterfield and Michael Schlicting.



Leona is a current Board Member of the Artbeat Studio Endowment Cabinet (Winnipeg, Canada), an Associate with the Federation of Canadian Artists, and a Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolours, the American Watercolor Society, CARFAC (Manitoba), ACE Art Gallery, and the Winnipeg Sketch Club.


She has been the Past President and Secretary of Medea Gallery, an Artists' Co-operative, the Winnipeg Sketch Club, and the Manitoba Society of Artists.

Galleries Current & Previous


ITALY – Rome - Artrom Gallery
CHINA – Nanjing - Jhong Gallery
UNITED KINGDOM – London - Saatchi Gallery
CANADA – Ottawa
     Gallery 240
CANADA – Winnipeg
     - Fleet Gallery
     - Gallery 757
     - Main Access Gallery
     - Medea Gallery
     - Mona Lisa Gallery
     - Silpit Gallery 611
     - Winnipeg Art Gallery
CANADA – Vancouver - Federation of Canadian Artists

Art Philosophy

Leona likes the thoughts of Robert Henri who said, "The picture, if a picture results, is a byproduct of what has past. The object, which is back of every true work of art, is the attainment of a state of being, a state of high functioning, a more than ordinary moment of existence."

Ultimately it is what the painting says that is important. This "saying" is not a verbal language and it does not necessarily have to have content in the sense of a "message". It is a language that is understood in the heart and soul, and as such it must be generated there.

This is the ultimate lesson she tries to pass on to her many students.  She demonstrates the technical skills and provides feedback through thought provoking critiques. Students become aware of the components that go into producing a well thought out painting, in terms of the formal elements and principals of composition and design.

Leona paints from the soul and finds that it is the process of painting that is important to her. In the representative samples of her work contained in this web site, the results of Leona's pouring out of her heart are indeed an extensive vocabulary that expresses her feelings in a most powerful way.


Over the course of her career, Leona Brown has won many Awards domestically and internationally.

A Finalist in the Women in the Arts Exhibition held by Artrom Gallery in Rome, Italy, Leona's painting Prayer was one of only 16 selected globally.

Other Awards include the Innovative Award at the Winnipeg Sketch Club 89th Juried Show, Judge’s Choice and Best Watercolour Awards from numerous entries in the Winnipeg Sketch Club’s Annual Shows, and the Red River Exhibition Welcome Back Award (recognition as the Winner of All Previous Winners).

Honourable Mentions have been bestowed on Leona from Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Society of Artists and the Winnipeg Sketch Club Annual Juried Shows, and Best Miniature Award from the Winnipeg Sketch Club.



Leona Brown’s paintings have been purchased for public collections for several corporate collections.


These include The Conklin Group (Toronto, Canada), VIA Rail Canada Inc. (Vancouver, Canada), North Dakota (USA) Museum of Art, and in Manitoba (Canada) for Manitoba Blue Cross, Fillmore Riley Llp, Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Arts Council Art Bank, the Manitoba Provincial Government Art Bank, and the Manitoba Teacher's Society.

Private collections are located throughout Canada, the USA, Singapore, China, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Japan, Finland and Russia

Shows Current & Previous



     Artrom Gallery

     Jhong Gallery

     Saatchi Gallery
     Gallery 240

     Federation of Canadian Artists Juried

     2 Women Show - "Studio Tour"
     Art Show in the Studio
     Fleet Gallery
     Gallery 757
     Independent Canadian Artists Group Show
     Main Access Gallery
     Manitoba Art Expo with Ken Danby
     Manitoba Art Expo with Robert Bateman
     Manitoba Printmakers Show
     Medea Gallery
     Memories of China Exhibition
     Mona Lisa Gallery
     Silpit Artists Group Show
     Silpit Gallery 611
     Solo Show "Milk 'n Rice"
     The Other Gallery Show
     Touring Manitoba Show for Manitoba Agriculture
     Winnipeg Art Gallery
     Winnipeg Sketch Club Annual Juried Show

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